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Emoji Twitter

Twitter Gets Cute – How to Use Emojis?

If you’re wondering how some geeky tweeps are managing to add colourful inline smileys to their tweets, it’s Emoji. Smartphone users have been enjoying the Emoji smileys for quite ...
Cement Polymer Art Created 3D Printer

7 Largest Objects Printed with 3D Printers

With 3D printers getting cheaper by the day you’ll soon find one in just about any household. It’s surely lots of fun but equally there’s a lot of potential for commercial applications. ...
Sape Link Network Logo

Yandex Linkless Ranking Algorithm Decyphered

Back in December last year Alexander Sadovsky, Head of Web Search at Yandex announced they would stop using backlink signals to rank websites for commercial search terms in the Moscow ...
MyBlogGuest Alexa Stats

MBG Penalty and How to Lift it

So, another blog network has been busted by Google. This time it’s MyBlogGuest – a gray area that has been attracting SEO newbies and gray-hat SEOs for a couple of years. ...
ROI Chart

Social Media Platforms Look for Revenue Streams

There have been some interesting developments in the social media sphere from the perspective of marketers. Looks like everybody is obsessed with increasing revenue, and if you think ...
Fuel Cell Car Toy

Fuel Cell in Everyday Use

Intelligent Energy – a San Jose based tech company – has renewed the interest in portable fuel cell devices after the announcement that the $199 worth mobile phone charger ...
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