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Twitter Book

Download your Free Twitter eBook

Ok, so we’re finally here. It’s taken me a lot of effort and a lot of time but I must say I did enjoy the process of writing this book. Mainly because I LOVE Twitter! I ...
Blackberry Passport Phablet

The New Blackberry Passport for Excel Buffs and Video Freaks

Another Blackberry is in the pipeline! This time it’s a phablet. Not a major surprise, since the CEO said a while ago that if they’d do another thing, they would probably ...
USB Cable

Review: Nomad ChargeCard / ChargeKey USB Cables

Carrying a roll of USB lead in your back pocket is not very convenient (besides, it makes your bum look big). Lucky there is Nomad Goods Inc. who’ve come up with two brilliant products ...
Semrush Display Advertisers Section

How to Find Potential Affiliates with SemRush

On the first inspection SemRush may look like a good keyword research tool but it’s actually more than that. I recently wrote a piece on how to use SemRush to find obscure websites ...
Quick Pod Arm Extender

Gadgets for Making Good Selfies

Making a good selfie is an art that only few of us have mastered. That’s probably why some blogs exist purely on digesting selfie fails. I wish my content curation routine was that ...
Emoji Twitter

Twitter Gets Cute – How to Use Emojis?

If you’re wondering how some geeky tweeps are managing to add colourful inline smileys to their tweets, it’s Emoji. Smartphone users have been enjoying the Emoji smileys for quite ...
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