Yes, There’s a Blog About That Too – Issue #1

Whenever I talk about the web subculture with people who are not actively involved in it, there comes a moment when they utter the common misconception about bloggers: “Oh, bloggers only blog about what they’ve had for breakfast. I saw it on twitter the other day.”

Oh what a cliché! This is certainly not true. Bloggers blog about all sorts of things. Name one thing and I bet £17 that I will find a person who blogs about it and does it fervently as if it was a matter of life and death. Did you know that there were blogs about toilets? Yes there are!

Know your etiquette

This one’s about the general restroom etiquette. About stuff you should or shouldn’t do in a toilet. You would’ve thought this one’s pretty straightforward – you go to the toilet for two reasons and two reasons only – number ones and number twos. Well, apparently not. You can have a lot of fun in a gents or ladies (depending on what you plan on doing).

The article that stands out for me is this one – how to have you know what in a toilet. And I’m not talking about playing pocket billiard here. It doesn’t go into too much detail but for those who want to make their love life more exciting, this is one of the things they could try.

How they do it abroad


My next choice is the Toilets of the world. And it’s exactly what the writing says on the tiled wall: it is a showcase of various convenience rooms around the world.

Do you think your bathroom is filthy? Ha! Take a look at these. If you’re planning on riding a porcelain bus in another country, this one’s a must-read.

Humorous or creepy?

The Management Study’s guide on etiquette is rather weird. Honestly, I don’t know whether to take it seriously or as some lavatory humour. The style of writing doesn’t really give it away. Take this bit for example, “It is absolutely childish to write names or make designs on toilet walls“. It is absolutely not! Making designs is one of the best ways to have fun in a toilet. That’s why I always carry a huge black permanent marker with me.

So, do you have a favourite toilet blog that you read regularly? Or maybe a short tip or two on how to (mis)use the amenities? Share it please!


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