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There are things that your online competitors do right, and things they do wrong. Imagine what it would mean for your web business to be able to understand both. You can learn from your competitors’ mistakes and emulate the things they’re doing right.

With the SEO and web marketing becoming more and more sophisticated and with so much false advice out there, it’s quite difficult to know what steps to take to achieve a sustainable online strategy.

I’ve been in web marketing since 2005 and I’ve been lucky to work with a wide range of online businesses. Now I have developed a method of producing SEO competitor reports full with actionable advice. I can deliver a report that will give you a much needed edge over your competitors. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions prior to ordering.

What you get

You get three PDF documents zipped and emailed to you plus extra support via Skype or phone.

  • Part1 – SEO Competitor Report – your main competitors identified, their strengths and weaknesses uncovered, a detailed keyword report, a list of real backlink opportunities you can pursue immediately and much more…
  • Part2 – Content and Social Media Strategy – an overview of your target audience, individual suggestions for your content development, help establishing your unique voice on social media channels,
  • Prospective Twitter followers – a list of 3,000 active Twitter users relevant to your niche to help you kick-start your Twitter campaign.
  • Extra support – 1.5 hours free as one session or two 45 minute sessions to clarify the reports and help you implement the strategy.

Sample SEO Reports

I’ve provided two samples of Part1 and Part2. They are from different projects to protect my clients and my intellectual property. Please note that these clients have provided me with a written permission to use the report as a sample. Your report will be 100% confidential and it won’t be shared with anyone. I don’t keep copies of reports on clouds or external servers.

Click on the icons to download the reports in PDF format:

SEO Report Part 1
Part 1
Part 2
Part 2

Who is this for?

This report is mainly aimed at websites with a solid business model. For example,

  • A brand-new ecommerce website looking for a way to position itself in a competitive marketplace
  • An established ecommerce website needing an overhaul or a change in strategy
  • A startup that plans to acquire users via organic rankings and content marketing
  • A content-driven website that anticipates to bring in reasonable revenue via advertising and affiliate sales

Don’t order if…

  • This combined SEO report won’t help you if your niche is so narrow that you’d struggle to find at least 5 competitors who are making good money catering for this niche.
  • If you’re working in a “freebie” type of niche and you don’t have a very sound business model, this report is probably not for you.
  • If your hard drive is full of hundreds of PDFs that you’ve bought or downloaded and you’ve never had time to read them or to action the advice, please don’t order this report. It’s crucial that the advice is followed step by step.


I know how important privacy is to your business. If you want me to sign an NDA, I’m happy to discuss it.

Payment Details

The payments are carried out via PayPal, which means your sensitive data is 100% safe. Although the cart price is in British Pounds, PayPal is going to convert it to your currency on the go. Please note that I’m able to help you with any English language niche, so you don’t have to be based in Britain to benefit from my services.

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