Gadgets for Making Good Selfies

Making a good selfie is an art that only few of us have mastered. That’s probably why some blogs exist purely on digesting selfie fails. I wish my content curation routine was that easy.

So why do so many selfies turn out bad in the end? Well, I’ll blame shaky hands. Umh, my hands are shaky because I spend too much time behind the computer and drink too much coffee – maybe that’s why I rarely take selfies. If you find that your hands are a bit shaky too, you might want to consider these two gadgets.

iLuv Selfy Case Wireless Shutter

iLuv Selfy Case
iLuv Selfy

Yes, it’s misspelt. It’s called Selfy instead of Selfie… Ok, this is a special iPhone case that not only protects your phone from smashing to pieces. It conveniently incorporates a slide-out Bluetooth shutter remote control that can be used without having to install apps.

They’ve also got a version for Samsung Galaxy and iPads. Also in the pipeline are intricate accessories like flexible tripod, car mount and helmet mount. These can be backordered from the manufacturer’s website, while the iLuv Selfy case can be bought here.

Quick Pod Arm Extender

Quick Pod Arm Extender
Quick Pod Arm Extender

Ok, this is obviously for the old school tech connoisseurs, the ones that like bulky gadgets. Mobile phone cameras are so lame, I know. So why not get your 35mm film camera, stick it on the end of the Quick Pod Arm and do a selfie properly… professionally.

Its official posh name is Quick Pod Arm Extending Self Portrait Device – aptly named considering the kind of folk it’s made for. Get it here, you know you want to.

And now that you’ve got gadgets to enhance your selfie photographer career, a few tips

1. Clear out the rubbish from the background. Your Facebook fans don’t want to see your dirty laundry.

2. If you’re making your selfie in a bathroom (and most of you will do anyway) make sure your bum doesn’t show in the mirror behind you, or indeed that nobody is sitting on the white swan.

Duckface selfie
Duckfaces should be banned 🙂

3. Don’t make a duck face. I know you might be proud of the lip job you’ve just done but, hey, no matter how good your plastic surgeon is (mine is pretty skilful), you’ll still look like an idiot on a duck-face selfie. Even good old Liz does. Talking of Liz, the super cartoon was nicked from – check them out for some additional selfie tips and feel free to post your selfie fails in the comment section (no, don’t do that, I’m only joking).



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