People with Silly Names and Unusual Names

What’s wrong with traditional names like John and Margaret? Why do some parents give their baby names that are outrageous and embarrassing? Let’s look at some people with silly names. What were the parents thinking?

Disclaimer: this article is completely subjective and contains author’s own opinion. The names are considered silly by the author, who is free to express his opinion through the Freedom of Speech Act. If you disagree with author’s opinion, jog on.

Naming your children after professions

Would you like to have Plumber for your first name? No? Then why is Tyler acceptable? To add insult to injury, this guy’s surname is also a profession – Hunter. Wondering what would happen if this guy wanted to change his name to Bookkeeper Undertaker?


Ok, you may argue that Tyler is not really a profession, it only sounds like one. Ok, I give you Tiler. It’s a girl’s name btw. And apparently no relation to the actor Gregory.


Now this is very confused. Imagine, you tell somebody,

“Hi, I’m Tiler” and he responds: “Oh, could you do my bathroom please?” and then you have to explain: “Umh, no, sorry, I’m actually a dancer.”

If you’d like to become a tiler, here’s your job description.

People with long names


This guy apparently has 18 names. The translation from Malay language goes like this: Pesbukk playing Lazy Work Can Cause Lost molester Fighting Eating Disorders Bath Late Hearts And Feelings Betulatau Shrug. Do I need to comment?

Naming your children after kitchen appliances

Now, Colander is a sort of a kitchen gadget that helps you dry your pasta or wash your salad. That’s funny, right? Now add one of those weird-looking, French-sounding first names beginning with La. Do you get them? What does LaTrisha, for example, mean? And why are both L and T capital letters?



Cock names


You know all the weird surnames that has the word “cock” in them. Like Hancock, Hitchcock or Hiscock. Well, there are some even more elaborate surnames. How about Cockman. Do you know anybody whose name is Cockman or do you know anybody who should be named a Cockman?


But then what happens if you have double-dick name? You know what would be really funny? If this guy’s middle name were Willy.


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