SEO Tools

Here are the SEO tools I’ve developed. Two so far but there’s more to come. It started out as something I used myself to make my day-to-day work easier but I hope somebody else might find them useful.

Feed Date Tool
Feed Date
Compare Websites
Comparator Tool

1. The feed checker is for check validity of RSS feeds in bulk. Have you got a list of feeds somewhere kicking about? I bet you have because I’ve got loads. I bet at least half of the feeds on those lists are no longer valid. Others are outdated. You only want valid feeds that are updated regularly. Just paste your list and let us check.

2. The comparator lets you compare up to 10 domains to help you identify opportunities. It will find websites with potential duplicate content issues, websites built with WordPress, etc. If you’re breaking into a new niche or building links within a niche, this SEO tool is pretty good. But don’t take my word for it, give it a spin.