Crazy Drums

Top 5 Craziest Drums in the World

Crazy Drums
Crazy Drums

How many of you, kids, have asked your parents to buy you a drum kit. Ah, I see a few hands rising there.

We do like to make noise, don’t we. Unfortunately, not everyone of us can get their hands on a professional drum kit.

We just have to be creative about it and go with what is available.

Bare Backsides

Jazz percussionist Jorge Perez has gained popularity by employing a very strange set of drums. He’s playing his jazz riffs on the bottoms of four hot chicks. I’m not sure what the music critics think about the cultural significance of his music but it certainly looks like a lot of fun.

Whiskey Barrels

Here’s almost a step-by-step DIY walkthrough of how to make a nice snare drum from an old Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. At the beginning of the video your heart almost stops when the guy demolishes the lovely oak barrel but then he masterfully pieces it back together in a slightly smaller but much better-sounding item

Yoghurt Tubs

What do you do with your empty yoghurt and sour cream tubs? Wash them and play them! This street musician from Berlin is a great drummer and he manages to get some cool sounds out of his home-made percussion kit.

Hadourum Water Drum

Aki-Ra sunrise – the famous Japanese artist is performing on a self-made Hadourum water drum kit. He started with the traditional Japanaes Waidako drums but having developed a passion for water drums created this kit. Make sure you pump up the volume to the max so that you have a chance to catch the finest details of this marvellous water music.

Pottery Meditation

Marco Fadda is a world-renowned master of the Hypnotic Udu, a traditional Latin percussion art. It’s both an art and a practice – must be a great way to meditate. I’m not sure how he ended up on the same page with semi-naked ladies, but I guess that’s why this is called the Top 5 Craziest Drums.


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