Unusual Things to Use to Raise your Monitor

Elevating the screen is an old woe of a computer geek. There’s something wrong with the people making the desks and the monitors – they just cannot agree between them. Are the desks too low or are the monitor stands too short? Well, that’s a topic for another study. In the meantime we’ll look at some weird and not so weird ways of getting your monitor more in the line of your eye.


A Good Idea for Halloween

Considering this guy’s got a monitor with a ring stand, a pumpkin seems just perfect! What do you do when the pumpkin rots away? Or if the missus decides she wants pumpkin soup? It may look entertaining but a pumpkin can only be used as a temporary solution, methinks.

Lego Bricks

Use Lego and some imagination!

I’m surprised more people aren’t using Lego bricks to make their screen supports. This is really cool and the only limit is your imagination. Besides, you can buy various sci-fi themed Lego sets. Perfect for a geek. This one has been accomplished by Michael MacMillan from @withsquirrelly. A nice little idea!

A Pile of Tiles

What Else Can You Use Tiles For…

This chap is apparently a keen DIYer and surplus tiles are simply kicking about. Instead of them kicking about and tripping people up, let them better do some useful work on your computer desk. Looks proper cyberpunk! But there’s a twist to it. We are actually looking at a poor man’s version of a standing desk. This won’t come as a surprise to you – sitting 12 hours at a computer desk is actually really bad for your health. That’s how you get piles… no pun intended (I promise!). Standing desks is the next big thing!


Monitor Stand Made of Pipes

Another option for a DIY person. You know all those pipes and connectors. The ones that you keep in your garage. You can use them to build a nice pedestal for a screen. This idea comes from the Lifehacker. I’m not 100% sure what’s with the balls but I’d assume you could use some tennis balls for an even more appealing result.

Another computer

Got an Unused PC?

Well, if you need to raise the computer screen quite substantially, an old PC flipped on the side will do the job. Mind you, this is not the actual computer that is being used. It’s a spare one. I’m not sure about the aesthetic appeal of this, though!

Phone Directories

Now, I didn’t surprise anyone with this, did I? We all know that phone directories are useless, well, unless you really need those 0.5% off massage parlour vouchers (with terms and conditions attached). So, before you opt out of receiving your phone directory, make sure your monitor is actually properly adjusted!

What are you using to raise your monitor? Please comment or better yet send in your pics so that I can keep this list updated 🙂


Arvid Linde is an independent SEO consultant, award-winning journalist, MSc in engineering, published author and a technology addict. More info on the about page.