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Ways to pimp out your garage

The garage is one of the last rooms we think to decorate and spend time on in the home, but often they occupy a large floor space. To a lot of people a garage isn’t actually even seen as a room within the home and more as somewhere with the sole purpose of storage for cars and tools.

When it comes to adding value to your home, making your garage an extra living space is often a perfect and affordable idea. In this article I intend to give you some great and also unusual ways to pimp out your garage.

Make a racetrack or workshop theme

Racetrack Theme
Racetrack Theme

With the garage being traditionally known as a place in which our car was stored it’s not too far-fetched to think of a design idea that involves having a ‘racetrack’ or ‘workshop’ theme.

One great way to quickly pimp out your garage is to look at the way you use the flooring you have available to you.

By purchasing quality industrial flooring paint you can design literally whatever you want for your garage – In fact having an actual road or racetrack painted onto the garage flooring can give a really good look.

Or how about even adding the white chequered flag look to it, like the one shown in the photograph below.

Chrome Rim Theme
Chrome Rim Theme

You can continue the racetrack theme by adding photographs and posters around the place, things like professional racers, cars/bikes or race tracks work perfectly.

One design idea that can work great is having imitation gold or chrome plated tyre rims on walls or racks, like shown in this picture.

For pimping your garage out into the perfect workshop I would advise you use all the space you have to the best of your ability – for or example if you are looking at somewhere to store your tools how about using the wall space instead of taking up much valued flooring space?

Adding a workshop ramp

Ramp it Up!
Ramp it Up!

In all good car films you will often notice the use of a workshop ramp in a garage, well why not add one to yours? This is one way that you can really make the look and feel of a workshop come to life within your garage.

Along with the great style idea, it can be the perfect accessory to set your garage off and get one over your friends.

Mural Wall Painting

A Fantastic Mural
A Fantastic Mural

Maybe you don’t have the view you always wanted from your home? Or your garage doesn’t have a window that actually compliments your outside views. It could even be that you want this space to be your own private little haven and you are going to remove the windows to give you a personal space…

If so adding a mural wall painting to one of your garage walls could be the perfect idea!

Doing so means you can create the theme or view that you have always wanted. Maybe you have a favourite golf course you want on the wall? Or even a relaxing waterfall? Or even the racetrack of your dreams? All of these are possible and more when mural painting is an option.

Create the perfect games room

Games Room
Games Room

Maybe you have always dreamed of having enough room for your own games room? Converting your garage could be your perfect opportunity to have one.

Whether it being adding the dream pool table you have always wanted or even adding a sofa and a big projector to play your console games on. The garage can essentially be a home cinema or literally anything you want.

Even if you don’t have much space you can still do this as shown in the very nice photograph above. A home gym is another good option when it comes to ways of pimping out your garage.

Adding the 80’s gym look is a personal favourite of mine, adding sporting hero’s photographs to the walls and a retro changing room is a real good look.


Here is a video from YouTube of some of the best garages the world has to offer that could give you some great inspiration for your garage conversion, or ways to pimp out your garage.

Ryan Hirst

The ‘Ways to pimp out your garage’ article was provided by Ryan Hirst who writes home and living articles.