Hummer Kit Car Front

An Eco-Friendly Way to Own a Hummer

Driving a Hummer is both impractical and a bit unfair to the environment, unless, of course, you’re a soldier. Nevertheless, there is something to this bulky vehicle that makes it a rather desirable possession. Well, if you’re sure you must own a Hummer, one way to fulfil this dream is to build a reduced-size replica. At least that’s what John Walters from Newport, Wales did.

When I spotted his car listed for sale on eBay for £5,500, I just had to call him and ask questions. John told me that kit-cars is his hobby. He’s currently building a gypsy caravan.

Hummer Replica
Hummer Replica

The Hummer replica is based on a Volkswagen. It’s powered by a Remtec 1600 engine – a popular choice among the kit-car builders. It took 3 years to build the Hummer and although it’s been an enjoyable experience – here’s an advice for any wannabe kit-car builders from a person who’s been through all the various stages of the project:

“Have twice as much space as you think you’ll need and plan for twice as much time to complete the project!”

Hummer Kit Car Front
Looks Like the Real Thing

Britain is a good place for a kit-car builder. John tells me that it wasn’t difficult to make the vehicle road-legal. You strip the donor car, and as long as you don’t alter the chassis and follow all the DVLA guidelines, you should be able to make the new vehicle road-legal without a hitch.

Then it’s a trip to your local MOT garage – and you’re guaranteed to make their day because they don’t get to see kit-cars every day!

The Hummer’s body is unique. It’s not going to rust because it’s… yes, a timber and ply construction.

It’s been sealed and had 6 coats of paint but it is suggested that the car needs to be repainted in 5-6 years depending on where it’s kept to make sure the bodywork is kept in a good nick.

Kit Car on Chevrolet Chassis
Based on a Chevy

This is not the first time a wooden Hummer replica has been attempted. Back in 2011 there was this monstrosity listed on eBay.

It finally went for $3,350 mainly due to the fact it had over 260,000 miles on the clock! Eek!

It was built on a 1990s Chevrolet S10 chassis and powered by a V-6 engine.

In my opinion the Hummer built by John Walters does a much better way of conveying the original Hummer’s features.

He has managed to capture the vehicles rugged charm, whereas the Chevy version is just a wooden box, really…

Hummer Golf Cart
A Luxury Replica

Finally, if you fancy something not made of wood, you can always get yourself a Hummer replica golf cart.

This kit is likely to cost you around $20,000.

Although if you’re looking to impress your golfing friends Hyacinth Bucket’s-style, this is a much better shot than trying to wrestle with local thugs. This golf cart is pretty advanced. It’s a fully-functional all-wheel drive, powered by a 20bhp-stron V-Twin Honda engine.


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