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Input up to 10 domains one per line and see what issues this SEO tool throws up. We will show you potential duplicate content issues (www/non-www conflict), problems with headings and titles and also other useful metrics helping you compare the health of the domains.


What is the purpose of this tool?

1. Fancy attacking a new niche? Can you outsmart your competitors by building a better-optimised website? Enter the top10 ranking competitors' domains and let us check. You're better off learning from the mistakes of others.

2. Are you using the "fix-ya" link acquisition method (a more advanced cousin of the broken link acquisition AKA BLB)? This tool can help you. Build a list of relevant opportunities and check them to see if they have any technical issues. Found some? Now go and tell the webmaster. Help him fix the issues, build relationship and then pitch for a link. Easy! (well, I certainly make it sound easy - if you've ever actually done BLB, you must know how difficult it is).

3. Hunting for some feed urls or looking for websites that use Microformat? Here's your solution!

4. Are you searching for websites that are built on WordPress (or ones that aren't)?


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